Book News! Story Dreams 2022

I am excited to announce I have started working on my next book! No spoilers, no big give away hints, but I will share it is an emotional fiction, modern story about generational trauma, and the journey of one woman finding her voice, reclaiming her power and breaking the mirror her family has chased her with for years and years. A mirror holds your image captive if kept in the darkness for too long. The only thing you can sometimes do, if pushed to the edge is break the mirror, and shatter history down to brittle pieces of dust. After the dust settles, will she finally walk into the streets of Edinburgh, and start living her life, forgive and forget? Can she shake away the ghosts of her family? That’s what you’ll find out, in my next book.

Mental health has been such an important theme for me since the pandemic, helping me reconnect to what actually matters, and giving me the courage to speak out, reach out, and write. This book is very much aligned with the trauma emotionally abusive family members inflict on each other, and in particular the last resort of cutting out someone dear to you, who continues to make you small, make you fear, make you doubt your every move. These relationships are swept under the rug far more than they are spoken about. I hope to bring to light these issues, and make them relevant in our everyday conscience.

Happy to send the first chapters to publishers and agents interested in publishing.

Finding Joy in the Chaos

This morning I found a breakthrough: in my breath.

I have begun doing cardio exercises on my afternoons, and in the mornings, I wake up and meditate for about fifteen minutes. In a beginners sense. I become distracted when my dog begs me to take him outside, or when I sneeze due to the incense I lit in the kitchen. But, it has begun a process within my heart.

My heart has been so locked up with fear, due to the politics of the past months, to the global outlook we face, Nature’s growing call to help her heal and, my own doubts and fears about my purpose in life. What am I supposed to do now?

This morning, quite suddenly, I began to breath, in the middle of the morning. And I listened to the guided meditation I have been using ( I highly recommend it, on Insight Timer), truly letting go of all the worries of the day. My job, money, the stock market, my body, and finally, my dreams and failures.

It hit me, like the softest punch thrown by my guardian angel: I am too hard on myself, I judge myself too harshly and, I need to begin healing before I am ready to give any new love and beauty into the world, be it through film, television, podcasts or writing stories. I need to love my dark shadows, and forgive myself. It is not an easy task, it appears like a magical fairy when you absolutely and completely let go of your ego, your anger, and pride in holding on to, what? Holding on to the past out of fear of the preset moment when we realize, we cannot control where our life goes. Only how we embrace the flow of the universe. Yes, this all hit me in a split second.

Tears streamed down my eyes as I kept breathing in and out, and my own thoughts swiftly disappeared, and I visualized the light coming into my heart. Healing her. Healing me.

I am finding joy, in this chaos called Earth. I only wish this means, we can all slowly, heal our hearts, come to peace and love for ourselves, and from here… we are truly a force of goodness for all of mankind.

The Cellist

“The Cellist” was shot in New York, 2018 by Chris Sandoval, Michael Cultrone and an amazing team. I play Anna, a young Cello player who had, for some reason, decided to leave behind her gift and calling in life. But, somehow, the cello found its way back to her.