In the Making: “Love”

What happens when after the end of our past selves… there is no beginning of a new one. Memories constantly running your mind into the ground, and the one person you love, is the one person you keep pushing away.

This film will be a study in the life of a couple caught in the new normal we are all living. She is lost, her identity gone, and he tries to bring her back to reality. Is she dreaming of herself or… is that a ghost haunting her past, present, and future. Only one answer seems to get through to her:


A film in the making.

The Winter Storm, Here to Stay

I wrote this poem while the blackout happened in Houston, Texas, on the first night without power, alone in the dark.




We do not understand the meaning of it,

just breath. Our minds race at will with no end in sight. Our souls do not know the true enjoyment of life.

The meaning of life, has been misplaced.

Misunderstood. Mistreated. Misplaced.

We have come forward so much with our technology, our tools, our things,

And yet,

we have gone backwards in our humanity.

Be warned,

we will not receive unlimited chances, be warned.

We do not have unlimited oxygen, be warned, we will not win bonus trees, or water, or fish, or flowers, or butterflies, or rivers, or love, or chocolate, or laughter, or meat, or seeds, or energy,

in the path to become the biggest millionaires.

If we do not stop our unchecked consumption, we will consume ourselves.

I trust the silence in the blackout.

This winter storm, this karmic energy we have called to chide us, it speaks, and gives wisdom for those who will listen.

Truth lies in the stillness.

Disguised as cold air.



There it is.

by Juliana Philippi

Who we need to call: GHOSTBUSTERS!

After the acquittal of former President Trump, and the evil chaos transpiring across the globe, it became clear to me: We need the GHOSTBUSTERS!

We are at the point of beginning a cycle of permanent human destruction, that cannot be halted. Unless, a massive human force intervenes. Sadly, the elected representatives of the United States could not get the job done. What was it that stopped them? Moral imperatives, or the good of humanity? No, quite the opposite. Evil. Maybe the former President has some dirty laundry he threatened to air out on most of the GOP senators, some dark and disgusting skeletons for the world to see, but having studied history, the truth will always come out folks.

We need the United States of America to be formally exorcised. The definition of exorcism is: “Drive out an evil spirit from a person or place.” What we have witnessed, and what is threatening the lives of our future selves, and our children, is this monstrous cloud of lies and violence growing from within this country. I may only be one person, but I stand with the truth and the beauty of the World. And I say no more, and I shout at the top of my lungs, “Be Gone Demon!”

It is very clear, Donald Trump was not alone in this: the Republican Party is at a reckoning. At the helm of a a new year, with a new President, a new administration, and the power of the media of Facts and Truth, there is hope yet. There is hope for our lives, and the health of the Earth. Now more than ever, we need to use our voices, be the artists, the writers, the poets, the singers, the dancers, and the power for Light and Truth.

Who will be our GHOSTBUSTERS?

Finding Joy in the Chaos

This morning I found a breakthrough: in my breath.

I have begun doing cardio exercises on my afternoons, and in the mornings, I wake up and meditate for about fifteen minutes. In a beginners sense. I become distracted when my dog begs me to take him outside, or when I sneeze due to the incense I lit in the kitchen. But, it has begun a process within my heart.

My heart has been so locked up with fear, due to the politics of the past months, to the global outlook we face, Nature’s growing call to help her heal and, my own doubts and fears about my purpose in life. What am I supposed to do now?

This morning, quite suddenly, I began to breath, in the middle of the morning. And I listened to the guided meditation I have been using ( I highly recommend it, on Insight Timer), truly letting go of all the worries of the day. My job, money, the stock market, my body, and finally, my dreams and failures.

It hit me, like the softest punch thrown by my guardian angel: I am too hard on myself, I judge myself too harshly and, I need to begin healing before I am ready to give any new love and beauty into the world, be it through film, television, podcasts or writing stories. I need to love my dark shadows, and forgive myself. It is not an easy task, it appears like a magical fairy when you absolutely and completely let go of your ego, your anger, and pride in holding on to, what? Holding on to the past out of fear of the preset moment when we realize, we cannot control where our life goes. Only how we embrace the flow of the universe. Yes, this all hit me in a split second.

Tears streamed down my eyes as I kept breathing in and out, and my own thoughts swiftly disappeared, and I visualized the light coming into my heart. Healing her. Healing me.

I am finding joy, in this chaos called Earth. I only wish this means, we can all slowly, heal our hearts, come to peace and love for ourselves, and from here… we are truly a force of goodness for all of mankind.

The New Age of Us: America La Bella

As I sat with my mother watching the inauguration of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, and new Vice President, Kamala Harris, we cried together. Both of us women who have struggled to find our voice, fight for our freedom and reckon with our identities.

My mother and I knew, watching Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez that this day was also for us. For two women from Puerto Rico who didn’t quite make it in the first years of their lives, who maybe were arrogant and privileged at some point, but now, have very much so, come to Earth, and have embraced who we are.

We are women of color from Puerto Rico. We have both grappled with the notion of white and color, since we are both of white skin. And yet, we are in fact of color, of passion, of a race of humankind forged of a mixture of beauty and Grace not of this world. Watching Jennifer Lopez sing so beautifully made me see me in her.

I will never forget today, when for the first time, in my life, I actually, finally, understood how privileged indeed I am. A woman of color, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who has traveled the world, and has only just begun her life, only just begun to give her voice to the world.

My mother, turning to me, stated “This is your time now, never be quiet again, and be your beautiful self. Speak up. Always.”

That’s what I hope I get to do.