Humbled by the World, We See Each Other

a poem by Juliana Philippi

As a hurricane batters Louisiana and moves up north, fires rage in the West Coast.

Refugees plea for help and mercy across the ocean, and by our back door.

Dying children invade the infirmaries on every corner of the Globe.

Where does it leave us, the young and the eager, the ambitious with no Covid fever?


It feels like defeat, sadness, and a lack of excitement as we wake up in the morning. No glory, no promotion, no famous contract to boast of.


Yet, with the cup of black coffee on my lap, I take a deep breath, and watch the bees zoom past,

my flowers bloom,

the sun shine, and the sky loom, high, high above me.

Humbled is the word.

The World has finally begun to lift the veil of richness, or category of First, Second, or Third World tier…

Rubbish and in the bin that goes now.

We are just One world, together now.

We will fall or rise, together, moving forward.

Humbled, but honored, it is our time to build our new motto.

What will it look like, who will come ahead?

All I really want, is to just say,

“I helped make it heard”

I Created My Production Company: A Unirnos Mundo

I am pleased to announce I have registered my official production company in Houston, Texas: White Dove Productions. It is something I have always wanted to do, but never thought I was capable of creating. Until I began putting my short films out there, and meeting other writers and filmmakers who believed in their voices enough to make it real. The Sundance Collab Writer’s Cafe, film festivals, and friends all around the world have asked me, what are you waiting for?
To inspire writers, actors, directors, dancers, artists, and collaborate with them. Work together to bring to life stories that need to be told, films that will change the way we think about stereotypes, cultures and countries. It is never too late to become what you imagine yourself to be. And I… am a filmmaker. For more info and details, please see the White Dove Productions page on my website for upcoming project updates, visit our LinkedIn page, or just email me! I would love to work together on a story, a script, a production concept, a vision, and bring it to life. Unidos mundo, somos capazes de lo impossible. When we united, there is nothing impossible for the world. Pa’lante mi gente!

Book Published

I have just had my first story/novel published on the Readict platform! Download the app from your smartphone and enjoy.

Saint Agnes 009: Before the End of the World is a spy story. A story of empowerment, bravery and adventure of a young woman named Agnes. Maybe you’ll see yourself in her, perhaps you’ll fall in love with the life of catching the bad guys and following your heart, or… just find a world you’ll feel good in. Don’t worry, the sequel is in the works… #saintagnes009 #femmefatale #bondagnesbond

In the Making: “Love”

What happens when after the end of our past selves… there is no beginning of a new one. Memories constantly running your mind into the ground, and the one person you love, is the one person you keep pushing away.

This film will be a study in the life of a couple caught in the new normal we are all living. She is lost, her identity gone, and he tries to bring her back to reality. Is she dreaming of herself or… is that a ghost haunting her past, present, and future. Only one answer seems to get through to her:


A film in the making.

The Winter Storm, Here to Stay

I wrote this poem while the blackout happened in Houston, Texas, on the first night without power, alone in the dark.




We do not understand the meaning of it,

just breath. Our minds race at will with no end in sight. Our souls do not know the true enjoyment of life.

The meaning of life, has been misplaced.

Misunderstood. Mistreated. Misplaced.

We have come forward so much with our technology, our tools, our things,

And yet,

we have gone backwards in our humanity.

Be warned,

we will not receive unlimited chances, be warned.

We do not have unlimited oxygen, be warned, we will not win bonus trees, or water, or fish, or flowers, or butterflies, or rivers, or love, or chocolate, or laughter, or meat, or seeds, or energy,

in the path to become the biggest millionaires.

If we do not stop our unchecked consumption, we will consume ourselves.

I trust the silence in the blackout.

This winter storm, this karmic energy we have called to chide us, it speaks, and gives wisdom for those who will listen.

Truth lies in the stillness.

Disguised as cold air.



There it is.

by Juliana Philippi