Film! “Arabian Nights”

Happy New Year! I begin the new year with a short film. As we continue to be filmmakers, actors and writers in isolation and with distance, we continue to create. This short film is the tale of Lola, fallen asleep while reading “Arabian Nights”, and the dream that comes to her to wake her up our of a deep, deep slumber.

Book News! Story Dreams 2022

I am excited to announce I have started working on my next book! No spoilers, no big give away hints, but I will share it is an emotional fiction, modern story about generational trauma, and the journey of one woman finding her voice, reclaiming her power and breaking the mirror her family has chased her with for years and years. A mirror holds your image captive if kept in the darkness for too long. The only thing you can sometimes do, if pushed to the edge is break the mirror, and shatter history down to brittle pieces of dust. After the dust settles, will she finally walk into the streets of Edinburgh, and start living her life, forgive and forget? Can she shake away the ghosts of her family? That’s what you’ll find out, in my next book.

Mental health has been such an important theme for me since the pandemic, helping me reconnect to what actually matters, and giving me the courage to speak out, reach out, and write. This book is very much aligned with the trauma emotionally abusive family members inflict on each other, and in particular the last resort of cutting out someone dear to you, who continues to make you small, make you fear, make you doubt your every move. These relationships are swept under the rug far more than they are spoken about. I hope to bring to light these issues, and make them relevant in our everyday conscience.

Happy to send the first chapters to publishers and agents interested in publishing.