An Actor with Voice, Pen and Face

“We become what we Imagine”


Where I am

The year 2021 began with my engagement, then my birthday, and then the Texas Winter Blackout. Before that, 2020 saw me become unemployed, lose my apartment in Austin because of the pandemic, falling in love with my soulmate, and finally, and reclaiming my passion: storytelling.

Although the film industry is a thing of the past, for me, stories are what make human’s learn, from the past itself, and hopefully, become better human being in the present and for the future. I quit acting some time ago, and focus now on writing, and perhaps one day producing and directing films that mean something beautiful and inspiring for men and women, born or declared, who are in search of truth.

“Sabe uno donde nace, pero no donde uno muere”

Juan Antonio Corretjer

Where I’ve Been


The most beautiful and magical moments in my life will never be on screen, or on paper, and that is how I prefer it.

BFA in Drama from Tisch New York University

After growing up in Puerto Rico, taking Flamenco dance classes since the age of fourteen, and a music education from age six through seventeen with the San Juan Children’s Choir, I moved to New York City to begin my education at Tisch New York University, where I completed my BFA in Drama with a Minor in Art History. There, focusing on foreign films, film acting, and script analysis work, as well as my training with the Atlantic Acting School, I began my training. With master classes lead by Kate Winslet, David Mamet, W.H Macy, Gilberto Esposito and Clark Gregg, and a curriculum with voice, movement, improv, comedy techniques, Shakespeare, Speech, writing, script and scene analysis, repetition, and Suzuki, it was just the start of a learning experience, to last a lifetime.

Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute

Practical Aesthetics, and Method Acting training make-up the core of my preparation and acting work, as well as movement, music, art and sensory connections. I focused on the Method training with classes lead by Bill Balzac and Tim Crouse, as well as Tap Dancing 101 with Jeffrey Ferguson.

Atlantic Acting Conservatory Los Angeles

Further on-camera work for commercials, television, and also producing original short films in Los Angeles, California. Focusing on subtlety, realism and film work for the future.

Traveling to Paris, Germany, Prague, Austria, Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Italy and back to Puerto Rico exposed me to musicians, dancing, film and performance techniques from the best musicians, and performers thus far. This also allowed me to learn and become fluent in Spanish, Italian, French, and some Portuguese and German.